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African Camping Wildlife Tours

Our African Wildlife Safaris can be life changing. Being so close to such beautiful animals and being a part of it all will give you a different perspective on life. It is an experience of a lifetime.


Getting up close and personal to a giraffe, fishing in the Okavango with an amazing sunset, an adult lion walking to his pride, hippos out for a day grazing

You will see African animals in the wild. The Big Five, the Little Five and a host of other African wildlife in between. Amazing birds and animals just going about their animal lives while you’re just looking on. You may be lucky enough to see lions up close, you’ll be able to hear the silence of the elephant’s walk and watch the hippos’ daily water ritual.

Imagine going to sleep to the sounds of hippos laughing. Their chatter lulling you to sleep. Hearing a gentle sound go sailing past your tent…. then looking out to see a herd of elephants gliding past your tent. You know you are safe, your guide has chosen the best place to camp for the night. They’ve told you what to do and what not to do, so you have the knowledge and feel secure in your wild surroundings. You will feel alive, envigorated and have the best adventures of your life.

Camping in Africa is something one will love and cherish for the rest of their life.

“Dinner was cooking while we watched a herd of elephants going about their daily ritual of drinking and bathing in the river. The sun was slowly setting, it was a golden ball on the horizon to our left. It was an amazing scene which everyone will remember for the rest of their lives, it was breathtaking. We only have you to thank for this magic moment in our lives. You showed us the true Africa ….. she is truly spectacular. Thank you.”

Simone and Sam from Australia

Camping in Africa is one of the most exhiliating adventures you’ll ever do in your life. There are no fences holding back these wild animals. You will have animals going through your camp at night as they move around wherever they want, whenver they want. Botswana is north of South Africa and is one of the most diverse countries in Africa in terms of scenery and animals. Botswana is lucky enough to have the ‘Big Five’ – Rhinos, elephants, lions, leopards, buffalos plus so many more.

Botswana has the mighty Okavango Delta and the vast deserts of the Nxai Pan and Kalahari desert. Here in Botswana, we have one of the safest governments in Africa where the biggest crimes are theft, not like some of our neighbouring countries who unfortunately have troubled histories.

Our Government has put a stop to the hunting of animals in Botswana, so not only will you be helping in regenerating the genes of our animals by supporting our Government’s decision, you will also be supporting our local people as we are local Botswana people. Your money goes back into our community directly and doesn’t go overseas.



Mokoro or horse ride around the Okavango Delta in Botswana, Africa. Amid hippos, crocodiles, elephants and amazing birdlife!