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Our Story


We dreamed of bringing tourists into this beautiful country, having the best experiences with the wildlife and animals and be able to share the best of what Africa has to offer. Bringing people closer to the wildlife and preserving the welfare of the animals has always been close to his heart.

Kenson had been working in the tourism industry since he was a young lad and learned from a young age the precarious nature of the African wildlife.

He’s seen first hand the damage poaching and hunting of animals has done to the gene pool of the wildlife. Elephants, rhinos, cheetahs, leopards and lions have suffered tremendously at the hand of humans.

There are many tour companies in Africa and Botswana. He wanted to start a business which was locally run and operated, so that all of the money goes back into the local community, goes back to helping families as tourism is such a major part in sustaining locals. Basic necessities such as providing food, water and shelter to our staff members and their families were part of Nelson’s dreams.

There are some tour companies in Africa which are run by overseas operators, he wanted to run a professional tourism company, which was run by locals. This is his dream, today he is living his dream.

So by choosing to let us show you through our country, you will be supporting local families and communities and building a better future for them. You will experience amazing scenery, wild African animals, birds and adventures which you never thought possible.